One of the firm’s partners, Cathal Minihane, represented the Health Service Executive for a number of years and so has significant experience of health law in Ireland. We advise on issues such as Child Care Law, Wards of Court, Medical Law, Consent, Mental Health Law, Disability, Environmental Health Law, Care of the Elderly and Administrative Law.

In pursuing a Master of Laws in NUI Galway, Cathal undertook modules with particular relevance to law in this area. In essence he examined how the state, either through government departments or state agencies such as the HSE, interact with the citizen. The state has certain legal obligations in this area and the citizen has the benefit of certain legal rights deriving from the Irish Constitution, from legislation and case law. We have advised and represented clients in the health sector on their legal obligations but have also advised citizens on their legal rights in this area.

Furthermore, where a person suffers harm or loss as a result of medical negligence we advise on the possibility of recovering compensation for those losses.