We advise and represent clients in personal injury claims where a person suffers an injury or injuries and losses as a result of an accident such as a road traffic accident, an accident in a public or private place or an accident at work. We have significant experience of representing clients in these legal actions in the Circuit Court and High Court.

At the first consultation we will examine the facts of your case and give our opinion on the strength of your case. We will advise on the prospect of recovering compensation for your losses. We will also advise you on the legal costs.*

Since the introduction of the Personal Injuries Assessment Board all claims for personal injury must firstly proceed through the Personal Injuries Assessment Board. We make applications to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board for compensation on behalf of clients. If the assessment of the Personal Injuries Assessment Board fails to meet with the expectations of our client and ourselves we issue legal proceedings to recover appropriate compensation through the courts.

We advise on medical reports obtained from your doctors and engage a barrister for the court proceedings. We assess whether expert witnesses are required, such as an engineer, accountant, quantity surveyor, rehabilitation consultant, actuary etc. so that the case is presented in the best possible way.

Where a defendant makes an offer to settle a claim we advise the client on the adequacy or otherwise of the settlement offer. We have experience of achieving significant compensation for clients by way of settlement of claims. We have succeeded in the following cases recently:

  • An leg injury sustained by an employee in an accident at work
  • A whiplash injury from a road traffic accident where a car was rear ended
  • A neck and back injury due to a trip / slip and fall on a dangerous public footpath
  • An ankle injury from a hazardous hole in a public footpath

If you have suffered an injury and believe that you may have a claim please ring us for a consultation to discuss your case.

On a case by case basis we take on medical negligence claims. At the very outset we vigorously assess the strength of the case to see whether it can be proved that a patient suffered serious harm as a result of below standard medical care. We have a panel of expert witnesses available to attend court who assist in assessing medical negligence.

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident, an accident at work or anywhere else or believe that you may have a case of medical negligence please contact us now for your first consultation. You should note that a claim can be barred as out of time unless it is commenced within a certain period of time. Therefore you should contact your personal injury solicitor immediately to make sure that your case is commenced within the permitted legal time frame.

*It should be noted that, in contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.