We advise on obtaining Grants of Probate and Grants of Administration. Where there is a dispute concerning the estate of a deceased person we can advise on legal rights and litigation concerning the estate. We also advise on wardship proceedings, guardianship of children and enduring powers of attorney.

We assist executors and administrators in their work of administration of the estate. If the person died testate (leaving a will) we assist the executor in taking out the grant of probate, gathering in the estate, administering the estate in accordance with the will and providing a final account for the estate. If the deceased died intestate (without leaving a will) we undertake the similar work of taking out a grant of administration.

Where an expectant beneficiary doesn’t achieve the expected inheritance (for example a child who believes that he or she was not properly provided for) we can examine the case to ascertain whether there may be a cause of action. Indeed feel free to contact us to discuss your inheritance rights in a very general or specific way.